At the center of any business is the ability to provide their clients with the best service. At Carpel Cleaning, our goal is to provide our clientele the finest cleaning services available.
Our philosophy is a simple one:
With a clean building we will keep you as our customer.
To insure success of this philosophy, each Carpel Cleaning employee receives extensive training specifically geared to the requirements of the their cleaning assignment. In addition, all employees receive on-going training to insure that they are aware of the latest equipment, chemicals and other tools that they use on a daily basis.

Carpel Cleaning Corporation’s commitment to excellence is evident in your courtesy, cooperation and promptness in attending to calls from both this office and our tenants.Lawrence Eichler, Eichler Realty Company

On behalf of everyone here at Toshiba, I would like to thank you and your staff for a great service. Scott Partington, Toshiba American Consumer Products

Join our list of retail clients and make the Carpel Cleaning Corporation the......THE ONE STOP SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS.